General Administration City Engineer/ Public Works Director

General Information
OXFORD, MS 38655
United States
Employee Type  Exempt - FT
Job Category  City Engineer / Public Works Director
Industry  Public Works
Contact Information
Name  Taylor Walhood
Phone  662-232-2313

City of Oxford - Job Description

General Administration

City Engineer / Public Works Director


Purpose of Position

  Serves as the City Engineer for the City of Oxford.  Serve as the Administrative Head for all Public Works.  Supervise all Public Works Departments:  General Administration, Highway and Street Maintenance, Transmission and Distribution, Source of Supply, Sanitary Sewer Lines, Treatment and Purification, Lift Station and City of Oxford Electric Department.


Duties and Responsibilities


Supervision Received

The immediate supervisor for this position is the Chief Operation Officer of the City of Oxford

Supervision Exercised

The City Engineer/Public Works Director supervises XX full time employees




Direct the activities of the Public Works Departments

  • Coordinate activities with consulting engineers on expansion projects by City departments and private entities
  • Administer subdivision regulations and work with the Planning Commission as an advisor member
  • Handle complaints from the public regarding City services
  • Work closely with the Chief Operation Officer, Chief Financial Officer, and City Attorney on all City operations
  • Provides final decisions on internal issues that staff members cannot resolve
  • Study existing problems in the City and find solutions that fit within both the physical and      financial constraints
  • Manages the City’s Right-of-Way including the placement of public and private utilities within it
  • Coordinates the maintenance and use of City water towers for revenue
  • Completes necessary research and prepares recommendations regarding future Annexations
  • Reviews Works Logs prepared by each department on a daily basis


Coordinates with Local Government Agencies and Officials

  • Routinely coordinates with officials from the County Board of Supervisors, Mississippi Department of Transportation, Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality, University of Mississippi, Lafayette County Chamber of Commerce and others


Provide assistance to the Police Department

  • Work with Police Department on traffic problems
  • Perform traffic studies on City streets


Inspect New Construction

  • Review designs for all  water, sewer, electric, street construction, and maintenance projects
  • Reviews storm water plans submitted for compliance with City ordinances and to protect known areas prone to flooding
  • Design various city projects within the Street, Wastewater Treatment, Sanitary Sewer, and Water Treatment and Purification
  • Completes Final Inspections on all public works projects before making recommendations for      acceptance


Prepare and administer budgets for the Public Works Department

  • Analyze cost of equipment and supplies
  • Work closely with appropriate departmental personnel in order to determine and assess needs and requirements
  • Determine present and future capital needs
  • Develop list of capital needs and build into current and future budgets
  • Set financial and operational goals for the following year
  • Meet with appropriate City officials in order to finalize budget proposal
  • Develop annual budget proposal and monitor and control all budget expenditures
  • Provides analysis needed to provide recommendations for water and sewer rates
  • Assure that departmental budget integrity is maintained
  • Works closely with the Chief Operation Officer, Chief Financial Officer and other Supervisors for all other departments regarding various departmental budgets


Public Relations

  • Provide project information and updates to Chief Operation Officer and all media outlets as needed to keep city official and public informed
  • Provide information to local educational classes regarding the purpose and functions of various projects and departments within Public Works


Attend meetings as needed

  •  Provides project information and updates to Chief Operation Officer and all media outlets as needed to keep city officail and public informed.
  • Provide information to local educational classes regarding the purpose and functions of various projects and departments within Public Works


City Code of Ordinances

  • Prepares new ordinances for review and consideration by the Board of Alderman
  • Works with various City departments, including Municipal Court, Police and Fire Departments, Planning and Building to ensure that the City Code of Ordinances are being applied as written and revised as needed


Perform Other Duties as Directed


Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities




  • Engineering design and practices as they apply to City street maintenance and construction, water and sewer distribution and maintenance, water and waste water treatment, and electrical distribution.
  • Knowledge of City ordinances and subdivision regulations
  • Knowledge of engineering computer software and its use
  • GIS and GPS techniques
  • Proper grammar and proper use of English
  • OSHA standards and regulations concerning employee safety
  • Federal and state statutes concerning the work of the department
  • Mathematical skills, including addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication
  • General functions and operations of municipal government
  • Accountability for monetary, fiscal, budgetary, safety, and legal issues


Skills and Abilities:


  • Ability to work effectively with other City departments, providing technical assistance as needed
  • Ability to design various construction and projects for City streets, drainage systems, water, and sewer distribution and collection      systems, and electrical distribution systems.
  • Ability to use ArcView, GTP, and GPS applications
  • Construction staking
  • Survey
  • Construction using concrete and asphalt
  • Design roads, water and sewer systems, and storm drains
  • Field test concrete and asphalt
  • Work as a team member with other employees
  • Make decisions within specified time restraints
  • Communicate effectively with residents, elected officials, other City employees, contractors, etc., both orally and written
  • Maintain confidentiality
  • Work autonomously when necessary
  • Handle multiple tasks simultaneously with frequent interruptions
  • Deal with others in a professional manner
  • Maintain professional composure in heated situations
  • Follow departmental and City procedures


Special Requirements


  • The person in this position must be a Licensed Professional Engineer as described by the State of Mississippi Law. The person in this position must have a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering or a related field. At least fifteen years of experience in engineering or a related field is required.


Tools and Equipment Used


  • Computer, Calculator, engineering tools, etc.


Physical Demands


  • Physical work involved with this position includes, but is not limited to, sitting and walking.


Work Environment


  • The City Engineer/Public Works Director is a full time, permanent  position in the Public Works Department. This person in this position works regular hours year-round with frequent overtime and night work. There is no shift work for this position. The Person in this position requires work done in all types of weather conditions. There is exposure    to chemicals and/or hazardous materials on a weekly basis. This exposure includes, but is not limited to electricity, waste water and water plant chemicals, asphalt, paint, sewer contents, and sewer gas. The stress level associated with this job is high.


Selection Guidelines


Formal application, rating of education and experience; Oral interview and background investigation; and job related tests may be required.


The duties listed above are intended to be used only as an illustration of various types of work that may be performed. The omission of specific statements of duties does not exclude them from the position if the work is similar, related or a logical assignment to the position.


The job description does not constitute an employment agreement between the employer and employee and is subject to change by the employer as the needs of the employer and the requirements of the job may change.