Work Environment:


The Firefighter is required to work in 24 hour shift assignments, including weekends and holidays, and may be required to work overtime with little or no notice.  He must be able to work closely with others as part of a team.  During shift he must be able to respond quickly to calls day or night. 


The work environments may vary from extreme heat to extreme cold, from extreme heights to extremely close quarters.  Work environments often are low visibility.  These situations are increased by heavy and confining protective wear, heavy tools, and self-contained breathing devices.


There is exposure to chemicals and/or hazardous materials on a daily basis, including but not limited to, engine fluids, gasoline, toxic fumes, bodily fluids, and bio-hazardous materials.


Tools and Equipment Used:




General Information
OXFORD, MS 38655
United States
Employee Type  Non-Exempt FT
Job Category  Firefighter
Industry  Fire Department
Contact Information
Name  Taylor Walhood
Phone  662-232-2313

Purpose of Position:

  • To provide fire suppression, prevention, and rescue activities to the City of Oxford and the University of Mississippi

Special Requirements:

  • Proof of diploma from a certified high school or GED
  • Successful completion of CPAT testing. Candidate Physical Ability Testing (CPAT)
  • A valid Mississippi motor vehicle operator’s license.
  • Firefighter I-II Certification from the Mississippi State Fire Academy.
  • EMR Certification.

Selection Guidelines:

For this position, the candidate is a new recruit.  Requirements for this position include: (1) must be over 18 years of age, (2) must have a valid driver’s license, (3) must have proof of completion of high school, or GED (4) must pass the Adult Equivalency Exam, (5) must pass CPAT for physical agility, and (6) must pass an oral interview.  Once hired and to remain a Firefighter, the candidate must successfully complete Firefighter 1001  I & II at the Mississippi Fire Academy.

The duties listed above are intended to be used only as an illustration of various types of work that may be performed.  The omission of specific statements of duties does not exclude them from the position if the work is similar, related, or a logical assignment to the position.

The job description does not constitute an employment agreement between the employer and employee and is subject to change by the employer as the needs of the employer and the requirements of the job may change.




Minimum Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities


Knowledge Of:

  • Basic knowledge of English to read and understand written instruction.
  • Basic mathematical skills, including addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.
  • Fire behavior and basic fire science principles.
  • Fire safety.
  • Types of structures in Oxford and methods to fight fires in each type of structure.
  • Fire apparatus.
  • Layout of city streets, location of fire hydrants and buildings in town.
  • Hazardous materials, identification and proper handling.
  • CPR, EMR for emergency response.
  • Location of keys to alarms found in City.
  • Regulations concerning employee safety.
  • General functions and operations of a Fire Department.

Skills and Abilities:

  • To deal with high-stress situation involving life and death.
  • To learn firefighting skills through classroom and on-the-job situations.
  • To use hand tools to make repairs.
  • To use radios and other communications equipment.
  • To relate fire and fire safety to children in an age appropriate manner.
  • To adapt to different situations in emergencies in community service situations.
  • To work at high elevations.
  • To work with vision totally obscured.
  • To be able to lift and carry victims and move heavy equipment if necessary.
  • To follow directions.
  • To operate trucks and equipment.
  • To work as a team member with other employees.
  • To communicate effectively with residents, other City employees, contractors, etc., both written and orally and in a professional manner.
  • To maintain confidentiality.
  • To work autonomously and as part of a team.
  • To handle multiple tasks simultaneously with frequent interruptions.
  • To maintain composure in heated situations.
  • To follow departmental and City procedures.

Physical Demands Require The Ability To:

  • Pass an extensive physical and psychological examination.
  • Work in confined spaces.
  • Climb up and down ladders.
  • Lift or move heavy items.
  • Sit for extended period of time.
  • Exhibit good stamina. Physical  and mental.
  • Lift  and move heavy objects.
  • Exhibit agility to stoop, reach, lift, or kneel in limited space.
  • Exhibit manual dexterity and hand/eye coordination.
  • Exhibit neither vertigo nor claustrophobia.
  • Pass any medical or physical examinations and participate in on-going physical training programs.
  • Have a correct vision, including ability to distinguish colors, for traffic signals and smoke to identify potentially dangerous situations.
  • Demonstrate hearing and ability to work in extremely noisy situations
  • Must be able to perform any tasks needed to perform tasks or assignments for the positon.


Orientation for all Applicants: May 29th @ 6:00 p.m.

CPAT Dates: June 9th, June 23rd, July 7th