Municipal Court Judge

General Information
OXFORD, MS 38655
United States
Job Category  City of Oxford Municipal Court Judge
Contact Information
Name  Taylor Walhood
Phone  662-232-2313

City of Oxford — Municipal Court

Job Description — Municipal Court Judge



Division:  N/A                                                                        Essential:  No

Grade Number:                                                                      FLSA:                       

Location:  Judicial Court                                                      Date Revised: January 24, 2018


Purpose of Position


 Conduct all Judicial Court activities for the City of Oxford; administer and assist with all Municipal Court activities




The qualifications for the position of Municipal Court Judge shall be as follows:


1. Applicant must be licensed to practice law in the State of Mississippi.

2. Applicant must be in good standing with the Mississippi State Bar.

3. Available to preside over all court proceedings.



Major Duties and Responsibilities

 Oversee Municipal Court operations

  • Conduct Municipal Court trials
  • Hear cases involving traffic offenses, misdemeanor offenses and city ordinance violations
  • Conduct Preliminary Hearings
  • Preside over all court proceedings
  • Ensure orderly dispensation of justice
  • Ensure fair and equitable treatment
  • Work and coordinate with the Court Clerk


Conduct and preside over misdemeanor and traffic offense hearings

  • Hear cases concerning misdemeanor and traffic offenses
  • Check and verify the Municipal Court docket
  • Conduct initial appearance hearings for misdemeanors or felonies 
  • Set appropriate bonds for misdemeanors or felonies
  • Oversee pleas, trials and continuances


Perform various Municipal Court duties

  • Issue arrest warrants and search warrants
  • Supervise Bailiffs, Court Clerks and others associated with Court proceedings
  • Set bonds for individuals charged with offenses not included in the Court’s list of offenses
  • Conduct legal research as needed
  • Attend Municipal Judge seminars
  • Works closely with the Clerk of the Court to coordinate the court calendar



Perform other duties as directed



Job Context

 The Municipal Court Judge is a part-time, benefit eligible, position in the Judicial Department.  The immediate supervisors for this position are the Board of Aldermen.  The person in this position is supervised on a less than weekly basis.  The Municipal Court Judge works regular hours most of the time, with the exception of being on call as needed. 100% of the work for this position is indoors.  The position has accountability for safety and legal issues related to the work for which this position is responsible.


There is no exposure to chemicals and/or hazardous materials. The person in this position must have a Juris Doctorate Degree, be licensed and certifies to practice Law in the state of MS. Additional experience is recommended.  The stress level associated with this position is very high.  Physical work involved with this position includes, but is not limited to, lifting file boxes and prolonged sitting and standing and attend required judicial training.



Knowledge, Skills and Abilities



  • Municipal Court processes and procedures


  • State and local laws concerning misdemeanors, traffic and occasionally felonies.
  • Proper grammar and proper use of English in speaking and writing
  • OSHA standards and regulations concerning employee safety
  • Federal and state statutes concerning the work of the department
  • Mathematical skills, including addition, subtraction, division and multiplication
  • Process and procedures for issuing warrants
  • Available resources for legal research
  • General functions and operations of municipal government


Skills and Abilities:


  • Listen carefully and interpret meaning
  • Maintain objectivity
  • Apply and interpret laws
  • Supervisory and management skills
  • Meet specified or required deadlines
  • Make decisions within specified time restraints
  • Communicate effectively with residents, elected officials, attorneys, other City employees, etc., both oral and written
  • Maintain confidentiality
  • Work autonomously when necessary
  • Deal with others in a professional manner
  • Maintain professional composure in heated situations
  • Follow departmental and City procedures



*The last day to apply for this position is 2/16/18*