Technology Manager

General Information
OXFORD, MS 38655
United States
Employee Type  Non-Exempt FT
Job Category  Oxford Police Department
Contact Information
Name  Taylor Walhood
Phone  662-232-2313



The Technology Manager is responsible for managing and directing all tech related equipment · for the Police Department providing hands on leadership, service and technical advice. This . person is responsible for developing effective strategies for deploying new modern technology and software tools , testing hardware devices and applications, and managing schedules and deployment contracts.  They will be responsible for developing the technology budget, utilizing strong business relationships with vendors to obtain better pricing in order to conserve department resources.

He or she must work well in a team setting with other managers and supervisors to reach goals within given time-frames. They must have strong interpersonal abilities to communicate information concepts, explain technology processes in detail, and facilitate the interaction of IT professionals, vendors, trainers, and department staff. They may also be tasked with finding innovative solutions for the department, using Microsoft Office programs, troubleshooting software, and managing different operating systems and databases.


This position will work in a regulated environment and may need to create technology policies and guidelines for their department to enhance the level of information security and equipment usage efficiency. They should have a working knowledge of NCIC as well as MJIC networking and security policy as it relates to the dissemination of information.  This person should have the interpersonal skills to work with the City Attorney, Prosecutors office, District Attorney's office and defense attorneys on the co-ordination of digital evidence storage , subpoenas, FOIA request, accident reports, 911 dispatch and radio channel recordings along with criminal investigations.  Some of these tasks will involve a working knowledge of in-car and body-cam video systems , along with the

vendor's server operations and management.  They should have a general working knowledge of 700/800 band digital radio systems, dispatch consoles, portable and mobile system with the ability to program and maintain each system independently.  Should also possess a working knowledge of license plate reader systems, fingerprint systems, speed radar, wired and wireless communications .


Lastly, he or she should have a solid understanding of computer systems, to include desktops, laptops, and servers running standard Microsoft operating systems with the ability to troubleshoot and maintain. A working knowledge of computer networking in a domain environment as well as more modern virtual server/desktop systems is a plus.


This data is proprietary and will not be duplicated, disclosed, or discussed, without the written permission of this agency. Data subject to this restriction is contained throughout this publication.


 Police Department Technology Manager basic tasks:


  • Explore new and innovative equipment to assist the Police in better accomplishing task.
  • Make recommendations for the improvement of equipment and communications infrastructure.
  • Plan for future implementation of new equipment.
  • Determine operating costs, productivity levels, and upgrade requirements for equipment.
  • Ready the department for FBI & CJIS network security audits
  • Manage and maintain technology systems in police vehicles including radar, camera systems, and radios
  • Coordinate with the City’s IT Department the installation, use, and requirements for mobile data terminals
  • Manage and maintain the dispatch center computer assets to facilitate the reliable 24 hour 7 day a week operation
  • Act as the central point of contact for the Police Department coordination with the City’s IT Department for Police Department needs.




Minimum of five years of communications and/or   information technology experience analyzing, designing, installing, programming, and maintaining computer software applications, hardware, telecommunications,  and network infra-structure equipment in a law enforcement environment.

Good interpersonal communication skills Ability to fill multiple roles simultaneously

Proven track record of maintaining IT structural integrity



Salary Range:


$40,000 to $45,000 depending upon experience and education.